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Small and medium businesses still matters|Just Kitchen共同創辦人暨執行長Jason Chen

WE Q&A:What tendencies and changes you’ve been noticed in the field of startups in recent years ?


In my opinion, trends of start-ups are always evolving and are always evolving to fit a purpose. This purpose is always led by the question of “what are the macroeconomic trends in the world during the decade to come’?” Two major trends impacting start-ups I am seeing are demographics of the labour population and social consciousness.


Aging population is materializing around the world and many start-ups are aiming to solve this problem by various means, from robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, to the rise of the gig economy. All these initiatives are efforts to find a better balance between automation and human talent. Start-ups are aiming to differentiate themselves from the crowd by way of this better balance thereby creating efficiencies and ultimately drive growth and success. For example, robots can bring balance by way of doing the repetitive leaving the human talent to focus on the creative aspect of a business.


Nowadays, AI and machine learning can also lead to less trial and error for many businesses, thereby allocating both manpower and manhours more efficiently. The recent rise of the gig economy by way of digital transformation further empowers broader allocation of manpower, allowing one person to do multiple jobs that traditionally would require multiple people from the labour force.


Many start-ups today oftentimes are aiming to make a positive impact on society as well as generating profits. This is a trend that has been evolving itself into mainstream consciousness of both entrepreneurs and consumers alike. Consumers want to have a connection with their spending, whether it be through addressing environmental issues, promoting equity and diversity or betterment of societies in certain parts of the world. Moreover, Environmental, Social ad Governance (ESG) is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ in businesses, it’s becoming a must-have.


In that case, I think we can also expect to see many start- ups not only committing itself to being socially responsible, but also coming up with creative ways to help existing corporations in the enhancement of its ESG. For example, there has been many start-ups helping traditional corporation to digitalize its ‘records, i.e., banking, healthcare, legal etc., making these corporations much more environmentally responsible. These are trends I do not see reversing themselves going forward.

WE Q&A:What kind of new technology applications do you pay close attention to? And the reason is…?


Small and medium businesses are the backbone of the global economy, so I pay attention to any technology that helps them. Digitalization technologies such as mobility, payments, operating system and data integration, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)are all tools that help SMBs to get on a more equal footing to the large corporations. Cloud based applications allow SMBs access to tools that were once available only to companies that can afford full- suite software programs or internal IT teams. For example, traditional enterprise resource planning software is expensive and complicated to implement, but today there are lightweight software available suitable to SMBs.


Advancements in mobility and e-commerce continue to transform how SMBs do business, creating new products and reach new customers once either unavailable or unreachable. Take online food ordering, these platforms allow for restaurants to be present both physically and digitally, reaching customers once unreachable. And CRM tools allow SMBs to be engaged with its customers, to outreach to its customers and receive feedback from them. Effective CRM goes beyond just communicating with customers, it allows for data collection that help SMBs to understand their customers.


Understanding already existing customers so that the company can improve its offering of product(s) and understanding where and who its next potential customer may be. Data analytics once available only to big companies is a service now made widely available and by taking some of the guess work out for entrepreneurs, hopefully the rate of failure by these start-ups will decrease. These are just some examples of technologies available today to help SMBs survive and excel, so I pay particular attention to them. These new innovations help our business and provides a pathway of what we want to offer our business partners in the future.


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