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隨著疫情不斷擴散,人與人的距離也變得更加遙遠。在這個人類歷史的轉淚點裡,或許就像是法國總統馬克宏說的一樣「我們正在一場戰爭」(Nous sommes en guerre)。這也像是我們從歷史課本中看到的一樣,每場戰爭的背後,都會有許多文學藝術攝影的產物,或許看似諷刺,不過或許這就是身為人類偉大的地方吧。我們總是能透過藝術創作來打贏一場戰爭。

《無限鏡屋 - 數百萬光年外的靈魂》 (Infinity Mirrored Room - The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away, 2013)



Though it glistens just out of reach, I continue to pray for hope to shine through

Its glimmer lighting our way

This long-awaited great cosmic glow

Now that we find ourselves on the dark side of the world

The gods will be there to strengthen the hope we have spread throughout the universe

For those left behind, each person’s story and that of their loved ones

It is time to seek a hymn of love for our souls

In the midst of this historic menace, a brief burst of light points to the future

Let us joyfully sing this song of a splendid future

Let’s go

Embraced in deep love and the efforts of people all over the world

Now is the time to overcome, to bring peace

We gathered for love and I hope to fulfil that desire

The time has come to fight and overcome our unhappiness

To Covid-19 that stands in our way

I say Disappear from this earth

We shall fight

We shall fight this terrible monster

Now is the time for people all over the world to stand up

My deep gratitude goes to all those who are already fighting.

為了保持詩詞的完整性,在此並不多多做翻譯。請各自享受文字來自草間彌生的文字,並且如同她所說:「We shall fight. We shall fight this terrible monster」